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You’ve heard of remarketing. You’ve also heard it called ‘retargeting’, which is confusing.

You known what remarketing is because you’ve experienced it done badly. You’ve been stalked around the internet by thousands of companies you never intended to buy from.

Marketers keep going on about how great remarketing can be for your pay per click results. You get the idea – advertising to people who visited your website should be cheaper, right?

But... you’re SCEPTICAL...

Maybe you’ve tested remarketing in the past, and it hasn’t worked for you. In fact, perhaps it was a giant sinkhole for cash. A way to donate every increasing amounts to Google and Facebook.

You’re intimidated by the language and technical complexity of it all. Language like pixels, audiences, scripts and bid modifiers makes you think this just isn’t for you.

You kind of understand remarketing on Google. But you’re deeply sceptical about remarketing on Facebook and other social media channels. You’ve never had much joy promoting your business on social media, so you don’t see why this would be any different.

Remarketing Basecamp might convince you otherwise, without you betting the farm, or risking very much at all.

Remarketing is Database Marketing...

The key thing to understand is that remarketing is database marketing. Nothing more, nothing less. Google, Facebook and other media providers will let you build a database of people who have been on your website, watched your videos, or made enquiries recently. You can then contact those people through paid ads.

You don’t control the database – Google and Facebook do. But in a loose sense it’s your data. These are people visited your website, or interacted in some way with YOU. There is no cost to build the database, even if you don’t plan to run ads right now. By doing this you give yourself the option to run remarketing ads, in a way that limits your risk.

Why Remarketing Doesn’t Work

The most common reasons remarketing goes wrong are:

  1. Insufficient thought is given to the strategy. Most remarketing ads point out what you last did (which is creepy), rather than what you ought to do next

  2. Most remarketing ads just repeat the same offer over and over

  3. Key settings are missed which greatly increases your spend...

Did you know that by default, Google will show your remarketing ads to people who have never visited your website? You HAVE to know where that setting is, and you HAVE to turn it off. At least to begin with.

Did you know that many remarketing clicks come from mobile apps and games, where people tap ads accidentally with their thumb? That’s another thing you probably want to turn off…

Did you know that the most likely person to convert is someone who was on your website in the last 24 hours? Did you know you can prioritise your remarketing around only those people?

I could continue with the ‘did you know’s’, but I’ll save the rest for the course…

Announcing: Remarketing Basecamp

Remarketing Basecamp is a 5-week online training, designed to set a solid foundation for remarketing. In just a few hours a week you will:

  • Correctly setup remarketing across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

  • Create remarketing audiences that are appropriate to your traffic volume

  • Select an appropriate remarketing strategy for your business and sales process

  • Understand the key settings that will limit your risk

  • Understand how to safely create and test remarketing ads across all the main platforms

  • Implement as you learn

  • Get unlimited support from Rob and Jonathan through our private Google Group

Remarketing Basecamp assumes you have some time to spend learning remarketing, but not much. If you can give me two hours per week for five weeks, I can help you take control of your remarketing ads.

In fact, you’ll know more than most agencies, and be in a strong position to instruct a consultant if you don’t want to do any subsequent work yourself. Educated buyers always get better deals in agency-land.

Course Structure

Each week there is:

  • A video to watch (45-60 minutes)

  • An implementation webinar recording where we answered questions from live course participants (60-90 minutes)

Through the Google Group you'll have our full support as you determine your strategy, create your audiences, and create your ads. You’ll make more progress than you’ll ever make alone, because you won’t get stuck. 


  • Week 1: Google Audience Setup

  • Week 2: Google Ads Creation

  • Week 3: Facebook Audience Setup

  • Week 4: Facebook Ad Creation

  • Week 5: Expand to LinkedIn and Twitter

Take a sneak peak:

"This course is excellent!  It focuses on all the key things required to setup re-marketing across all platforms.  Having Rob and Jonathon's experience is invaluable.  They show you how to focus on the key steps needed to set up a solid campaign in a clear concise manner.  Also how to avoid pitfalls such as default Google settings that are designed to automatically make you spend more money.  Its a nice mix of technical setup and ad creatives.  I would highly recommend it if you want to know how to do this properly and save hours of time learning it the hard way!"

Keith - West Coast Hammock Co. 

Includes Ongoing Updates and Support

Remarketing Basecamp comes with a free 30-day membership to our Maze Insider membership group (renews after that at $49 per month, cancel any time). Through Maze Insider you'll get affordable ongoing support to continue building your pay per click campaigns after the course is over. You can ask us as many questions as you like, for as long as you like.

You'll also get our monthly print newsletter in the mail, plus access to our monthly member's only webinar.

Take a sneak peak around the member's area:

Remarketing Basecamp gives you the skills and the foundation. Maze Insider is where you'll implement and develop your strategy, and get help as and when you need it.

Your payment today is covered by a full, no quibble 30-day money back guarantee. There's no minimum term on Maze Insider - we only want you to stay subscribed if you're getting value from the support forum and monthly updates.

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