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Each month in the newsletter we turn the spotlight on a pay per click or remarketing tactic and ask: what is currently working? What questions should you be asking to make better decisions? What do you MOST need to know as a busy business owner?

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You'll learn how to build trust in a world where attention is valuable and scarce.

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No fluff. No pretentiousness...

Kenda Macdonald

I often find that printed newsletters lack something (a lot of things – mostly substance). They are often crammed with so many topics in an attempt to make them look worth their salt, that they don’t actually have any information in them. They just seem to have enough to make you want to know more, but still make you go and research the information yourself if you actually want to know anything about the topic. Which completely defeats the point of paying for a newsletter. This is where Rob surprised me. Rob's newsletter is actually digestible. Rob isn’t trying to cram too much into it. Instead he spends time to introduce you to a topic – a single topic. I can sit down, have a cup of tea, and read a decent introduction into something I can apply in my business. No fluff. No pretentiousness. Just a good, solid, easy to consume topic that changes the way I think about things.

I really feel that I know what I’d be doing with landing pages...

Martin White, Thinkers

I got home after 8pm last night after a long day, and found your print newsletter in the post. I immediately sat down to read it. It’s a great sign that you’re doing something right – I didn’t shelve it till later, I just read it. I really feel that I know what I’d be doing with landing pages. There’s lots of other pieces of the jigsaw that I’m less confident about, but if/when I ever get round to doing what I have in mind, I won’t be anxious about the landing page bit!!!


Simple & Affordable. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Included