Add Facebook Messenger To Your Marketing Mix

You're on Facebook. You use Facebook Messenger - at least to message your kids. But did you know you can also message your customers too?

Messenger marketing is a growing area of marketing - more commercial messages are being sent than ever before. It's an effective way to notify your best customers about new events, courses, opportunities and offers.

Messenger Marketing is 100% permission based, meaning people have to raise their hand and give you explicit permission to message them. This is about nurturing your best customers.


Facebook is Making Changes...

The trouble with Messenger marketing is you're building an asset on Facebook's land. Facebook aren't too impressed that all these messages are being sent through Messenger, and they aren't being paid!

So in January 2020 they're clamping down on the range of broadcast messages you can send to your Facebook Messenger contacts. Unless of course you want to pay - in which case you can send whatever you want!

This is actually an opportunity for you. Most business owners will baulk at the cost, when the cost of sending a message is currently pennies. 

This reminds me so much of when Google started charging for shopping ads. It thinned the crowd, AND improved the quality of the shopping results. But I digress...

Bottom line: if you're ready to 'pay to play', you won't have a problem sending your messages. On this course I'll explain what messages you can send free before 2020, and what the changes will be after that.

Messenger Marketing Does NOT replace email...

Messenger marketing does not replace your email list! In fact, you may want to pass people from your Messenger contacts into your email system (with their permission, of course). 

Messenger is a great extension to email. People read Facebook messages faster than they'll read email, plus open and response rates are higher. Which makes it a great way to promote live events or time-sensitive offers.

Is This a 'Bot-Building' Course?

The Messenger platform we'll be teaching in this course is called Manychat ( Manychat allows you to send Facebook Messenger broadcasts, but also craft automated conversations. These automated conversations are often called 'bots'.

We'll be touching on the automated conversations in the course so you know how it works, but we won't be going deep into this. I see many people (including Manychat themselves) trying to automate entire conversations, without doing the basics right.

This course will teach you the basics, which are:

  1. How to build an opt-in Messenger list

  2. How to automate the initial conversation with them so you can segment your list, and learn more about them

  3. How to send ongoing broadcast messages

Course Structure

Each week there is:

  • A video to watch (45-60 minutes)

  • A live QnA webinar to ask questions (60-90 minutes). You'll also get a recording of these calls

Week 1: Manychat setup and Ad Creation
QnA session: Friday 20th September, 4PM UK, 11AM US Eastern

Create and configure your Manychat account, and learn how to subscribe people using Facebook Ads.

Week 2: Flow builder and broadcast options
QnA session: Friday 27th September, 4PM UK, 11AM US Eastern

Craft your initial automated conversation, and schedule subsequent follow-up broadcasts.

How Much Is This?

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Maze Insider includes unlimited support from myself (Rob) and Jonathan in our Maze Insider Google Group, plus our monthly print newsletter.

To buy this course without the other membership benefits, just click the single payment option below. Both payment options are covered by a full 30-day money back guarantee.