Maze Mastery Products & Courses

We offer a range of products and membership programs. 

Products (One-time Payments)

1. Maze Remarketing book. Order the Maze Remarketing book directly from us for 1 penny plus $5 worldwide shipping. You’ll also find the book for about $10 on Amazon if you prefer Kindle or want to use Amazon Prime delivery. If you're new to Maze Mastery this is the place to start.

2. Remarketing Basecamp. Our 5-week look-over-our-shoulder retargeting training. Learn to run effective retargeting ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Course investment is $197. Includes a free hour of 1-1 consulting if you complete the training within 5 weeks.

3. Nurture Email Mastery. Our on-demand 5-week email storytelling masterclass. Course investment is $197. Includes a free hour of 1-1 consulting if you complete the training within 5 weeks.

Membership Levels

1. Coffee ($3 per month)

If you get value from our free emails and podcasts you can send a coffee our way for $3 per month. The proceeds go towards the operating costs of email delivery and podcast production, and occasionally a coffee :-).

2. Maze Insider Letter – Digital Edition ($9 per month)

Get a digital copy of our flagship product the Maze Insider Letter. The letter contains notes from recent Maze Insider webinars from our full membership group, and insider insights into the things we’re working on.

3. Maze Insider Letter ($12.50 per month)

As above but with a printed copy of the Maze Insider Letter delivered to your door. (It’s harder to ignore when it shows up in your mailbox!)

4. Maze Insider membership. ($49 per month) 

Includes the print newsletter plus access to private monthly Zoom calls with Rob and Jonathan, hotseat support sessions, and unlimited support from Rob and Jonathan through our private Google Group. Probably the best value product we sell for the level of support. Ask us one good question each month and you’ll get your money’s worth. 

Maze Insider is for you if you’re in the trenches most days building your marketing follow-up systems (or building systems for clients). You frequently find yourself battling with the Google or Facebook ads interfaces. You want a place you can go to get fast, succinct answers.

1-1 Consulting

1-1 support from Rob or Jonathan to solve any problem you're working on. 

For instance: have us audit your ads accounts. Have us develop a plan for your ads. Have us develop your remarketing strategy. Get help planning better emails. Fix a conversion tracking issue. You can send us questions ahead of the calls, and all consulting calls are recorded.

Email for details and availability.

Done For You Projects

We work with a limited number of clients (usually one or two at a time) to build out the Maze follow-up system across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube. 

If you like what we teach but want to hire help, email to tell us about your current situation.